Individual Membership

CASID offers individual memberships to anybody working in or studying international development across the world. 

As a individual member of CASID you will be able to:

  • Attend an annual conference (as part of the Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities) to discuss and debate development;
  • Attend cross-Canada tours of distinguished development specialists;
  • Facilitate networking among students, academics, researchers and policymakers involved in international development, through our e-mail listserv (CASID-L);
  • Receive a limited number of travel grants - to assist graduate students and others to participate in the annual conference;
  • Receive the Canadian Journal of Development Studies (CJDS) – a journal for development scholars and practitioners, edited at Simon Fraser University (English) and Université de Sherbrooke (French).

There are many other benefits to holding membership in CASID.  We hope you will consider joining us in working to make international development studies in Canada a vibrant and exciting discipline. 


CASID membership fees are divided into two main categories: Regular and Student Members, and Members from the Global North or Global South.  The Regular - Global North Membership category is further divided into five sub-categories, based on income.  

Please note that students at a CASID Institutional Member university receive a discounted fee.  To view the list of institutional members schools,  

Membership Category Fee ($CAD)
Regular - Global North (Income > $100,000 / year) $135
Regular - Global North (Income between $80,000 and $99,999 / year) $105
Regular - Global North (Income between $60,000 and $79,999 / year) $90
Regular - Global North (Income < $60,000 / year) $65
Regular - Global North (Unemployed / Retired) $40
Regular - Global South $40
Student - Global North $28
Student - Global North, Institutional Member Discount $24
Student - Global South $14

Please note that membership fees are non-refundable and payable in Canadian dollar

To purchase a new membership or manage your existing one, please visit our