recent books by CASID members powerpoint slides



Dear colleagues,


Attached is a powerpoint slide presentation of the recent publications by CASID members.


The request sent out was for books that have been published in the last year or so, or books that are about to be released. Some people have sent in other publications they wish to feature.


Please have a look at the powerpoint slide. If you would like me to add your publication, let me know by Friday afternoon – May 26th – tomorrow (I`m running out of time
before the book launch). I know there are more recent books published by our CASID members so be in touch.


Please send me the title, an image (or a link to the image), the publisher and the date of publication.


For those who sent me material, in some cases, I had to find new images to include as I was not able to work with the PDF sent. If you don`t like the image, please do send something but
not as a PDF so I can attach it (I realize the photo quality is not always great and I`ve done my best…).


If you sent me your info re: publication and you don`t see it here, please re-send me the info. I think I`ve managed well over 1000 emails with CASID conference participants at this point!


I will be running this powerpoint slide with information about publications at the Reception and Book Launch on May 31st.


Authors are welcome to bring a copy/copies of their books and/or flyers to showcase. We will have a table or two set-up for this. Please note that you are responsible for transporting and collecting your own materials. (There is no local
address to which we can ship our materials though you may wish to speak to your publisher about sample copies to give out or to showcase).


Location of the book launch and reception: TRSM (7th floor) Ted Rogers School of Management Room 1-148+1-150


Time and Date: 5-7 pm on May 31st, 2017




Rebecca Tiessen, Associate Professor/Professeure agrégée

University of Ottawa/Université d’Ottawa, School of International Development and Global Studies/École de développement international et mondialisation

120, Université (FSS room 8050), Ottawa, ON K1N 6N5 Canada, 613-562-5800 (7408),

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