Please forward: Call for manuscripts on women's economic empowerment in global development


The GrOW
Research Series
 (GRS) invites manuscript submissions for our working
paper series
 on women’s economic empowerment and economic growth in low-income countries! Submissions must be original ("works in progress") papers on the subject of women's
economic empowerment, and should be of interest to researchers and policy makers. They must be well-written and concisely

Submitting a working paper to the GRS does not preclude you from later submitting the work for consideration in a scholarly journal, as you will retain full copyrights to your manuscript. If you are concerned about
whether the journal you ultimately wish to publish in allows for prior dissemination online as a working paper, our editorial team will confirm this for you.

There are many benefits of submitting a working paper to our series, all of which are provided for free to authors, including:

  • The opportunity to showcase your research in an online, open-access platform and get visibility before the paper appears in a scholarly journal 
  • Copy-editing services, including: proofreading, formatting and bibliographic checking 
  • Optional double blind peer-review process to increase your future chances of success publishing in a scholarly journal 
  • Editorial assistance to generate a 2-4-page policy brief for
    your working paper

Although we do not guarantee dissemination within a specific timeframe, the average length of time from submission to dissemination online to date is 1 month for working papers that receive copy-editing only, and
4 months for working papers that undergo peer review. 

For more information on submitting your working paper to the GRS, visit our website.

Papers will be reviewed on an ongoing basis. Email your submission to our Managing Editor, Kate Grantham, at:


Kate Grantham 

Kate Grantham, PhD

Research Associate, McGill University, Institute
for the Study of International Development

Managing Editor, GrOW
Research Series

Phone: (613)-617-0215
| Skype: kate.grantham. | Twitter: @GrOW_Research