NEW 3rd edition of Intro to Int. Development now available

Dear CASID Members,


We would like to announce the publication of Introduction to International Development, 3rd edition, a textbook for introductory courses in IDS.  The book has been significantly expanded and redesigned
for 2017, including new chapters on gender, climate change, emerging economies, and development practice.  It is designed for students with little prior knowledge of development issues and each chapter provides an overview of the issue at hand. It comes with
a companion website with extensive instructor resources (powerpoints for each chapter, test bank).  The book is in stock now, and is available from Oxford University Press Canada (ISBN: 0199018901).


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A desk copy can be ordered through the website, or via your Oxford representative.  See:


Sincerely, Paul Haslam, Jessica Schafer and Pierre Beaudet (editors)



Table of Contents


Introduction to International Development: Approaches, Actors, and Issues, and Practice

Paul A. Haslam, Jessica Schafer and Pierre Beaudet (eds.)


Part I:  Theories and Approaches to International Development


Chapter 1         Meaning, Measurement, and Morality in International Development—Jessica Schafer, Paul A. Haslam, Pierre Beaudet (University of Ottawa)

Chapter 2         Imperialism and the Colonial Experience—Eric Allina (University of Ottawa)

Chapter 3         Theories of Development—Radhika Desai (University of Manitoba)

Chapter 4         Post-Development and Alternatives to Development [NEW]—Aram Ziai (University of Kessel)

Chapter 5         Gender and Development [NEW]— Rebecca
Tiessen, Jane Parpart and Marianne H. Marchand (University of Ottawa, Universidad de la Américas, University of Massachusetts)

Chapter 6         Globalization and Development—Pierre Beaudet (University of Ottawa)


Part II:  International Development Actors


Chapter 7         Does the State Have a Role in Development?—Anil Hira (Simon Fraser University)

Chapter 8         National Development Agencies and Bilateral Aid—Stephen Brown (University of Ottawa)

Chapter 9         The International Financial Institutions—Marcus Taylor (Queen’s University)

Chapter 10        The United Nations and Multilateral Actors in Development—David Sogge (Transnational Institute, Netherlands)

Chapter 11        Private Enterprise and Development—Paul A. Haslam (University of Ottawa)

Chapter 12        Civil Society and Development—Henry Veltmeyer (St Mary’s University)

Chapter 13        China and the Emerging Economies [NEW] — 
Jing Gu (IDS Sussex)


Part III:  Issues in International Development


Chapter 14        Debt and Development—Joseph Hanlon and Tim Jones (The Open University and Jubilee Campaign)

Chapter 15        Free Trade and Fair Trade—Gavin Fridell (St. Mary’s University)

Chapter 16        Democracy—Cédric Jourde (University of Ottawa)

Chapter 17        Climate Change, Environment and Development [NEW]—
Chukwumeriji Okereke and Abu-Bakar Siddiq Massaquoi (University of Reading)

Chapter 18        Rural Development—Joshua Ramisch (University of Ottawa)

Chapter 19        Urban Development: Cities in the Global South —
Anne Latendresse, Lisa Bornstein and Jane Reid (Université de Québec à Montréal and McGill University)

Chapter 20        Development and Health—Ted Schrecker (Durham University)

Chapter 21        Conflict and Development—Torunn Wimpelmann and Astri Suhrke
(Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway)

Chapter 22        Technology, Information and Development—Erwin A. Alampay (University of the Philippines)

Chapter 23        Culture and Development—Nissim Mannathukkaren (Dalhousie University)


Part IV:  Practice in International Development


Chapter 24        Understanding Global Poverty Reduction: Ideas, Actors and Institutions [NEW]—David Hulme and Sophie King (University of Manchester and University
of Salford)

Chapter 25        Measuring and Evaluating Poverty [NEW]—
Keetie Roelen (IDS Sussex)

Chapter 26        Inequality and Social Policy [NEW]—
Arjan de Haan (International Development Research Centre)

Chapter 27        Planning and Appraising Development Projects [NEW]—
David Potts (University of Bradford)

Chapter 28        Humanitarian Assistance and Intervention [NEW]—
Laura Hammond (SOAS, University of London)

Chapter 29        Ethics of Development [NEW]—
Des Gasper (International Institute of Social Studies, Netherlands)