La Revue 39(1) disponible en ligne / CJDS 39(1) now online

Chers/chères membres de l’ACEDI,

Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le numéro 39(1) de la Revue canadienne d’études du développement a été mis en ligne le 13 février 2018.

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Dear CASID members,

We are pleased to announce that issue 39(1) of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies appeared online on 13 February 2018.

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Articles / Articles

Assets and shocks: a gendered analysis of Ecuador, Ghana and Karnataka, India

Cheryl Doss, Abena D. Oduro, Carmen Diana Deere, Hema Swaminathan,

William Baah-Boateng and Suchitra J. Y.

Wine, cheese and building a gourmet territory: biocultural resource-based development

strategies in Bolivia

Katherine L. Turner, Iain J. Davidson-Hunt and Ian Hudson

The social economy in Latin America as alternative development

Henry Veltmeyer

Variations of consolidation: cash transfer programme reforms in Chile and Ecuador

Romina Miorelli


Kari Polanyi Levitt Prize 2016 / Prix Kari Polanyi Levitt 2016

Agro-industrialisation and food security: dietary diversity and food access of workers in

Cameroon’s palm oil sector

Steffi Hamann

Special Section / Section thématique: Resource Development and Northern Communities: New Relationships and New Possibilities / Développement des ressources et communautés nordiques: nouvelles relations et nouvelles opportunités

An Arctic development strategy? The North Slope Inupiat and the resource curse

Lee Huskey

Using revenues from Indigenous impact and benefit agreements: building theoretical


Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh

Institutional development and resource development: the case of Canada’s Indigenous


Thierry Rodon

Extractive industries and Indigenous subsistence economies: a complex and unresolved


Chris Southcott and David Natcher


Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

Avoiding governors: federalism, democracy, and poverty alleviation in Brazil and

Argentina, by Tracy Beck Fenwick

Mariela Szwarcberg

The political economy of natural resources and development: from neoliberalism to

resource nationalism, edited by Paul A. Haslam and Pablo Heidrich

Antulio Rosales

Éthique et entreprise, par Cécile Renouard

Bonnie Campbell