Concordia (Montreal) 12 April - Radha D'Souza lecture What’s Wrong with Rights? Social Movements, Law and Liberal Imaginations

The Department of Political Science’s Human Rights Lecture Series presents: 

Radha D’Souza, Professor, 
University of Westminster; 
Visiting Scholar, McGill University 

 Law School 

 What’s Wrong with Rights? 
Social Movements, Law and 
Liberal Imaginations 

Thursday, April 12, 2018 

5:30 pm 

Henry F. Hall Building, room 1220 
1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd. West
Concordia University 

Free admission 

Dr. Radha D’Souza teaches Public International Law and International Law &
Development at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. She has worked as an organizer, activist and lawyer for labour movements, democratic rights and social justice movements in the Asia- Pacific region, India and the UK. As a legal scholar,
she has written extensively on the politics of human rights and on social justice issues in non-Western countries. Her latest book, What’s Wrong with Rights? Social Movements, Law and Liberal Imaginations,
was recently released by Pluto Press. Dr. D’Souza is currently in Montreal as a Fellow in Residence at the O’Brien Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism at McGill University’s Faculty of Law.