CJDS 38(4) now online / La Revue 38(4) disponible en ligne

Dear CASID members,

We are pleased to announce that issue 38(4) of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies appeared online on 5 December 2017.

To read the latest issue, visit: http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rcjd20/38/4.

Chers/chères membres de l’ACEDI,

Nous sommes heureux de vous informer que le numéro 38(4) de la Revue canadienne d’études du développement a été mis en ligne le 5décembre 2017.

Pour le consulter, veuillez cliquer sur : http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rcjd20/38/4.

The State of Development Studies / L’état des études du développement

The disconnect between international development studies and development practice in Canada

Rebecca Tiessen & Ian Smillie 

Articles / Articles

Les comportements sociétaux des PME tunisiennes en période de transition

Ahmed Turki

Agricultural modernisation and rural livelihood strategies: the case of rice farming in Laos

Kenta Goto & Bounlouane Douangngeune 

L’agencement entre la haute finance et l’univers du développement: des conséquences multiples pour la formation des marchés (micro)financiers

Marie Langevin

Post-capitalist struggles in Argentina: the case of the worker recuperated enterprises

Manuel Larrabure

CASID Institutional Membership Prize 2016 / Prix de l'adhésion institutionnelle de l'ACÉDI 2016

Haiti’s peasantry as poto mitan: refocusing the foundations of prosperity and development

Jennifer Vansteenkiste

Special Section / Section thématique: Making the case for gender equality: efficiency and social justice arguments / En support de l’égalité de genre: arguments d’efficience et de justice sociale

Efficiency arguments for gender equality: an introduction

Günseli Berik

Efficiency and gender equality in growth theory: simply add-ons?

Valeria Esquivel

Including both equity and efficiency claims for international development

Cheryl R. Doss

Revisiting equity and efficiency arguments for gender equality: a principled but pragmatic approach

Shahra Razavi 

Beyond the rhetoric of gender equality at the World Bank and the IMF

Günseli Berik

Economic efficiency and gender equity: a heuristic rationale

A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi

The triumph of instrumental over equality policy in European employment policy

Jill Rubery

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus de livres

The urban climate challenge: rethinking the role of cities in the global climate regime, edited by Craig Johnson, Noah Toly and Heike Schroeder

Yvonne Su

Ethical trade, gender and sustainable livelihoods: women smallholders and ethicality in Kenya, by Kiah Smith

Siera Vercillo

Escape from the staple trap: Canadian political economy after Left nationalism, by Paul Kellogg

Jerome Klassen

The China triangle: Latin America’s China boom and the fate of the Washington Consensus, by Kevin P. Gallagher

Anastasia Ufimtseva

On their own: women, urbanization, and the right to the city in South Africa, by Allison Goebel

Miriam Hird-Younger

 Food security governance: empowering communities, regulating corporations, by Nora McKeon

Anisah Madden

Give a man a fish: reflections on the new politics of distribution, by James Ferguson

Beth Timmers

Review Essay / Essai critique

New books on Canada and Africa: same old, same old, or new thinking?

Grant Dawson

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