CASID Conference Program May 24th

Dear colleagues,  

The CASID conference is now just one week away! The program is updated and several attachments are included in this email: 1. Full CASID Program with letters from CASID conference organizer and CASID President, program with titles of presentations, email
list and other useful information; 2. Quick Reference Program (six page document you can print and bring along to help you find the panels - includes panel title and presenters' names; 3. A map of the campus (PDF) that you can print and bring along. Below
is a summary of important information including length of presentations, etc.

If you have organized a panel and you know that your panelists have not yet registered for CASID, please forward this information to them directly. If they have not
registered, it is likely that I do not have their email address. 

Important Information:
1.    Have you registered? It’s not too late. Go to : or
 Need somewhere to stay? Information about accommodations can also be found here: or
3.     Travel information and getting around: check
out the maps:
4.      Finding CASID meeting rooms:
space is tight at a smaller university like Ryerson and we are in different rooms/buildings on different days (sorry, I did my best but had no control over space assignments). It is a small campus at least. Be sure to check the program carefully and use this
quick reference guide (attached), print it and bring it along. If you need assistance, we will have volunteers who will be able to help you find your rooms. Look for the CASID VOLUNTEER signs.
5.     Presenting with powerpoint? This should not be a problem (but it is not required). All rooms
for presentations are equipped with standard AV package: computer with internet, projector and screen or a display, and DVD playback. Arrive early to upload your presentation and have it ready before the session
6.     Book launch and new book titles? If you have a new book that has come out in the last year (or will
be out soon), and have an image/title to share, please send this to me before May 26th. We will be celebrating new books at the book launch and reception on May 31st. I will
prepare powerpoint slides of all the new books and publications.
7.     CASID Banquet on June 1st is
sold out. Location: Harvest Kitchen at 124 Harbord Street. An email confirmation of paid banquet tickets will be sent out in the next few days for your information.
8.     There are many great events sponsored by Congress and Ryerson (speakers, events, book fair, etc). Be sure to
have a look at the Congress activities you are welcome to take part in. Information is here: There is also a President’s Reception
for our Association (CASID) on June 1st (before the banquet) from 5-7 pm. The President’s reception includes some light snacks and Congress registration comes with free drink
9.     Are you a student (undergrad or grad) and wish to find out more about student-specific activities
through CASID, be in touch with our Student board members with questions by contacting
11. Are you listed as a Chair on any of the panels (please check the program if you have volunteered to Chair
a session to find out the time and location)? Your job as Chair includes the following:

-       welcome the audience

-       introduce the presenters on the panel by name (titles of papers often change so the presenters may wish to provide that info)

-       indicate if there is a change in the order of presentations (sometimes changes are made when people have to leave early, etc) so check with your panelists before the session begins
to confirm the order of presentations and notify the audience of any changes 

-       keep the presenters to a strict time period (evening divided among the presenters). Each session is 90 minutes. We recommend leaving 30 minutes for questions and discussion with
the audience. Divide the remaining 60 minutes by the number of panelists (i.e., if 5 panelists, each should get 12 minutes to present)

-       If two authors are presenting the same paper, it is best to split the amount of time allocated for that presentation in half (i.e., each author presents for 6 minutes for a total
of 12 minutes for this presentation)

-       The Chair’s job is to keep the presenters to the time limit. Offer two minute and/or one minute warnings to let the presenter know the time is nearly up.

-       The Chair might also consider a question to the presenters to get a conversation going. Sometimes the question can demonstrate linkages across the presentations and several panelists
may respond to that initial question.

-       At the end of the 90 minutes, thank the presenters and the audience for their participation. 

-   You may also wish to contact the panelists and request a copy of the papers to read in advance or as a panelist, you may wish to send the Chair a copy of your paper (this is not required). Email addresses are included in the full program
attached (for those who have successfully registered by now).

I look forward to seeing you next week. Safe travels!

Rebecca Tiessen (CASID Conference Organizer)